Furnace speculates a consumer product for at-home metal casting. Manufacturing machines have the potential to be miniaturized and allowed to enter the home—as sewing was historically and more recently 3D printing.


Foundry work is inherently dangerous, dirty, and requires specialized knowledge as well as space; in order to visualize a consumer device the threshold to all of these factors has to be reduced as far as possible. Such a device would make use of intuitive controls, might be optimized for low temperature alloys, and simplify the process as much as possible.


A small machine like this could be adopted by hobby producers, for jewelry making, auto restoration, or small products.

The styling is inspired by the history of home machinery and appliances, though while remaining distinct. As a toaster is unmistakably a toaster, or a blender as a blender, the home furnace ought to be unmistakably a home furnace.


The entire process is published in Furnace.